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Why Adopt the DMO Gold Standard?

The DMO Gold Standard is the missing ingredient in destination marketing

The Gold Standard provides a foundation for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to cultivate relationships with potential visitors and residents before, during and after they visit. It provides the most efficient and cost effective means to reach potential customers, and it makes them it easier for them to buy. Resources invested in destination awareness, increasing sales, or marketing convention and meeting facilities are fully engaged when a DMO is Gold Standard compliant.

When the Gold Standard is woven and integrated into the management of destination marketing organizations, those DMOs have a better chance to achieve their full economic potential. They fulfill their obligation to constituents and accomplish their duty to local taxpayers and visitors who pay taxes by promoting all potential venues a potential visitor or resident can experience based on their budget and available time, using an objectively weighted, clear cut methodology.

Today’s travelers invest precious time and energy to review dozens of sources to fashion the experience they think they want. DMOs can simplify the task by packaging all the information in one place and by making it fast and easy to obtainThe Gold Standard helps to ensure DMOs remain the most relevant and indisputable travel authorities within their market area. These protocols ensure DMOs consistently excel in providing all the information visitors need today and in the future.